Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sawlogs - Record, Store And Share Your Dreams

Everyday morning we fumble for that damn alarm which cuts us off from our dreams. If some dreams are beautiful some turn out to be nightmares. But still we love our dreams. But they last only for that moment. We forget them easily and a new dream pops up. How about remembering those dreams for ever? How about letting the world know what you dream about? Well, here is a new Web2.0 tool Sawlogs that allows to record your dreams.

Sawlogs is an online tool that lets you record and store your dream journal online in a secure, password-protected area — and at the same time lets you share the dreams you'd like to make public with the other folks using Sawlogs. It's just like sharing your bookmarks, audio and video.

Also with Sawlogs you can discover who dreams like you, discuss dreams, get stats and facts about your dreams.Here are some interesting dreams of others I have come across

Hole in the Ceiling
My Chance Meeting With George Bush
Monkeys turn into Dinossaurs
Wolves in a library
Ghost and Underwater

Once you post your dream and made it public others can rate your dream and comment on it.

What are you waiting for? Dream it. Log it. Share it.

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