Thursday, November 09, 2006

Know When Your E-mail is Read

E-mail is one of the main sources of communication. We use E-mails for all sort of communication - from conveying wishes to sending important information across the internet. If the E-mail sent is a trivial one, no need to worry. But, what if the E-mail sent contains information that the recipient must see it in a day, week or a month? How would we know whether the recipient has read it or not? No standard E-mail services such as (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail) notify us when the E-mail sent is read by the recipient.

DidTheyReadit is a service that sends us a notification when our E-mail is read. When we use DidTheyReadit, e-mails that we send are automatically and invisibly tracked. The instant the recipient opens our message, DidTheyReadIt automatically notifies us.

Sample return receipt

Once registered with the site, open your personal E-mail account (such as Yahoo,Gmail) and compose an E-mail to your friend. However, you have to append ".didtheyreadit.com" to the recipient address. For example if your friends Email Id is "friend@yahoo.com" you have to change it to "friend@yahoo.com.didtheyreadit.com".

This service from DidTheyReadit is free. But, you can only send 10 messages per month. However, premium services are also available where you can send more messages.

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