Thursday, October 26, 2006

Windows Live Barcode - Enlighten Your Mobile Life

Next time get ready to see a scribbled image on your friend's or customer's business card instead of their contact details. Now please stop complaining "Are you insane? How can a scribbled image replace contact details ?" Well, it can, with a technology called "Quick Response Code".

Though it is already popular in Japan and Korea ,it's going to be more popular than ever as Microsoft launched Windows Live Barcode.

What is Windows Live Barcode?
Windows Live Barcode is a set of services that transfer information between various media (PCs, billboards, magazines etc.) and handsets via Quick Response Code (QR Code), a two-dimensional barcode. It provides a new method for people to exchange information and enjoy various online services on handsets. Windows Live Barcode aims to enhance handset utility and provide you with more convenience and flexibility.

How Windows Live Barcode Works?
To explain more simply, the concept of Windows Live Barcode is to regard camera phones as the scanners of barcode. Visit Windows Live Barcode site, create the QR Code, the 2D bar code. Print it, post it on a web site, put it on your business card, etc. Then with the camera phones having QR decoder (a piece of software to read Quick Response code) installed, you just need to scan the barcode. The encoded barcode will be decoded by the QR decoder and then the information stored in barcode will be presented on the mobile screen.

My QR Code
  • Windows Live Barcode generator is free.
  • Information in Barcode is decoded at very high speeds.
  • One can avoid typing information which repeats frequently.
Some QR decoders:

For more information on Quick Response Code visit Wikipedia.

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