Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whom Does Indian Orkut Members Love And Hate ?

Orkut, which has faced tremendous pressure from Indians for allowing a hate group campaign against India has some interesting data on the site.

The site has distinct communities comprising millions of members stating personal views on a variety of subjects. Orkut has some communities which are against and in favour of some politicians.Hindustan Times has revealed some data to the public.Excerpts
  • President Kalam fascinated maximum appreciation leaving out all political leaders from India.
  • The number of community groups for Dr. Kalam stands at a whopping 17, with the top group showing 31,103 fans.
  • Prime Minister Dr. Singh's sole group has just 413 members.
  • Sonia Gandhi has only five groups under her name of which three are hate groups. Her top group comprises 1,520 members.
  • Vajpayee's name finds three groups with no hate group. His top group comprises 1,883 members.
  • L.K.Advani, has just one group with 170 members.
  • Arjun Singh has earned a dubious distinction as the most hated politician(for his prostance on reservations) with a whopping 22 hate groups, with the top group having 3,609 members.
  • Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who has a total of six groups has just two hate groups.
Source:Hindustan Times

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  • Orkut may not be a sample survey but at least it is somewhat indicative of how things stand especially considering how Arjun Singh has fared there. Hate clubs are not always bad and that shows somewhat with the accurate indication Orkut has given.

    By Anonymous Hiren, At 10:39 PM  

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