Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Edit Your Image Online

Pictures play a vital role in our daily lives.So as editing pictures.Since I don't have any desktop based picture editing software at one of my aunt's house I had to depend on "Online Image Editing Softwares" for editing her images.I found some good sites where we can manipulate our pictures pretty comfortably.

This is my favourite online application.The best part is, there is no registration process.The interface is pretty cool.I feel as if I'm using a desktop application while working on it.It provides many features such as resizing ,croping,rotating,coloring an image and many more.We can save the edited image to our PC or mail it to a friend or upload it to Flickr.

This is my second favourite application.I ranked it second because to use this application we need to register with it.The rational for asking to register is we can save the edited pictures on their server(site).It differs from other applications by providing an animation feature.

Phixr is another application with rich features.This too requires registration(someone corrected me) doesn't require registration. It provides almost all features as other online applications.What makes it unique are its facilities such as clubbing two pictures together,saving the image in different formats etc.

There are many other tools available such as Spinshot,ImageAuthor but I personally like the above mentioned tools.

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  • phixr does NOT require registration. Just click on "Instant photo upload" and enjoy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:10 AM  

  • Thanks for correcting me buddy.What you said is correct .Phixr doesn't require any registration.I'll correct it now.

    By Blogger Ramesh, At 7:06 AM  

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