Friday, October 20, 2006

Use Random Email Generators - Keep Your Original Email Safe From Spammers

We are often asked to enter our email address on various sites for various reasons. I don't know about you, but I feel pretty discomfortable providing my email address to many of those sites. Reasons -
  • I'm not aware whether they are spammers
  • I don't want to clutter my personal email with messages from those sites.
  • What if the site continually bugs me(such as asking to visit their site)?
But still I want to browse that site to know what's inside.

In order to avoid such a scenario we've got sites which provide us with temporary E-mail IDs. We can provide these IDs whenever we're suspicious about a site/person.

  • Free service. Premium services also available.
  • Email size is limited to 2MB per email.
  • Every account can hold up to 4MB.
  • Email stays to 5 days in your account.
  • Supports attachments.
  • Free service. Premium services also available.
  • Email stays upto 7 days in your account. Then it's deleted.
  • Free service.
  • Attachments aren't allowed and any given mailbox will only hold 10 messages at once.
  • After a few hours, all emails are auto-deleted.
How they work?
Imagine you are at a coffee shop. A salesperson comes and asks for your email id to send you lastest information about their products.Now you can't give him your real email address.So,what you can do is give him an email id created instantly in your mind such as forsales@mailinator.com. Later you can always type in the address to check mails from him(if at all you're interested). So simple!!!

But be careful.Don't ask anyone to send your/their personal information to this ID as others can alos see your mails.

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