Saturday, October 21, 2006

Will Google Loose Out to Guruji.com in Indian Local Search Market ?

Guruji,a new search engine in India will soon become a threat to Google in Local Search Market.Guruji is quite fast and the search results are quite convincing.The results are more relevant compared to Google.

Guruji.com has simple interface.User can search entire India or can limit his search to his city by including the city name as a keyword in the search(select city tab for better results).Thought Garage has a very interesting post about Guruji's local search results.

Below are the screens of both Guruji and Google when I searched for "icici bank" branches in Hyderabad(a city in India).



Clearly the results of Guruji are far better when compared to Google.Guruji provides me with the address as well as telephone numbers just like Yellow Pages.

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