Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Convert All Kinds of Files From One Format to The Other Using Media Convert

Well, if you are looking for a single application to convert various files such as audio, video, presentation, document, spreadsheets etc, into different formats then Media-Convert could be your solution.

Media-Convert is an online application that helps you to convert from one file format to every other file format.A lot of formats are supported by Media Convert. It can convert documents texts,archives,movies,image and sound files. One can convert files up to 50 Mb !

Media-Convert advantages :
  • It's absolutely free!!
  • More secure because you do not have to install software on your computer, which can contain viruses, spywares, etc.
  • Access from everywhere in the world through Internet. You can use Media-Convert at the office, in a cybercaf√©, or with the PC of a friend, and then download the result quietly to your mp3 reader or any other media.

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