Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Create Your Highly Specialized Custom Search Engine With Google Co-op

Thanks to Google. Now we too can create our own search engine which reflects our interests. With Google's Custom Search Engine under Google Co-op, we no longer require to search the entire web. We can create our own search index (list of sites to be searched). Also we can change the look and feel of our search engine.

Google's Custom Search is "free," but comes with AdSense(ads) alongside search results. That requirement is exempted for governments, non-profits and educational institutions. Perhaps the most basic and obvious aspect of this is that it potentially creates more AdSense inventory for Google.

Two important twists
  • The original creator of a search engine can allow anyone or selected colleagues, friends or community members to contribute to his index (sites to be searche). For example if I create a new search engine on "Conference Call Services" and I want my friends to contribute new sites to my index I can ask them to do so by sending them invitations.
  • We can also make money with our Custom Search Engine by connecting it with a Google AdSense account. We make money when users click on an ad they see in our search results. If we have more than one Custom Search Engine, all of our search engines will automatically be associated with the same AdSense account.

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