Friday, December 01, 2006

Zoho Plug-in For MS Office - Edit Your Documents Both Online And Offline

Great news for all those who have embraced online documents and spreadsheets. But, this time the news is not from Google but from Zoho. Zoho released a cute plug-in for Microsoft office. This plug-in allows us to edit our documents both online and offline.

Using Zoho's plugin we can edit our documents offline in MS Office and save them online to Zoho account directly from within Microsoft Word and Excel without opening browser. This is a wise move from Zoho as we can experience the speed of desktop applications and store, share and collaborate them online.

Zoho architect Raju Vegesna said “People are asking for this. Till now, they have to go to Zoho.com, login, and upload documents. We have them doing this an average of five times per day. This(plug-in)will let them go straight to Zoho without having to go to Zoho.com, upload, etc.”

Now comes the big question..
Will Google try something as Zoho and release it's plug-in for MS Office? Let's wait and see.

Click here to download Zoho's plug-in for MS Office.

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