Saturday, December 02, 2006

Diggers Help a Guy in Quitting His Job

If you are in a dilemma whether to quit your job or not, then seek the help of diggers(of digg.com). Yes, that is what the publisher of geekcapital blog has done. You may find this silly, but this is an undeniable fact.

Geekcapital publisher is also one among the many workers who hate their bosses. So, he quickly made a post "Get me out of this job" on his blog on November 30,2006 and made a deal with digg users that if his post reaches the homepage of digg, he will tell his boss what he honestly think about her and he'll quit his job and go to a pub with his friends.

Though he created that post for some laugh, it actually got dugg to the homepage with 7000 diggs. As promised, he eventually resigned his job. He also promised to post a video covering all those events. But unfortunately, he was threatened by his company with Legal Action as any such video coverage would defame the company.

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