Saturday, May 05, 2007

Who in the World Wouldn't Like to Work For This Company??

Came across this lip-dub video clip while browsing randomly. What a great work culture these guys have. Absolutely amazing. Everyone in good sync.

These guys work for a company called Connected Ventures. Look at the spirit these guys have. And all this was done only in a single take. Great work guys.

Now how many of you would decline a job offer from this company?

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beautiful Human Typeface

Typography plays a key role in designing a site. A study conducted reveals that even the font used impacts reader's perception of an email. If the typeface used is made out of humans then.....

human typeface ( love letters )These beautiful Love Letters were designed by Rowland Scherman a photojournalist and photographic artist. This typeface would surely attract eyeballs if used as a nameplate as Stephen Coles of Typographica has in his site.

If you are keen, you can get an eye chart for $150.00 from here.

Scherman shares the story of this typeface here

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