Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How About Sitting on Keyboard Keys???

If you are a crazy geek and want to furnish your home with geek stuff then here is a cool and perfect chair for you. On seeing this chair one would quickly identify you as a geek perhaps crazy geek as soon as they enter your home.

This chair shaped like a keyboard key is being manufactured by a Japanese company Duende. This stool comes in black background with white letters and white background with black letters. But it would be so nice if it had letters 'Home' instead of 'sit'.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amazing And Unseen Realtime 3D in Flash

Flash has revolutionized the web. But I think it is yet to revolutionize the web. If you are not in sync with my statements just hover your mouse over the frame below
3D sphere

3D Rhino

Surprised!!!! Ralph Hauwert a Flash platform developer has developed these amazing 3D Flash objects with a new tool called Papervision3D - A high performance 3D engine for Flash 8 and Flash 9.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Each Googler Makes $431,861.80 for Google

TechBeef dug into the financial statements of some top companies and found quite interesting results(may not be precise) in different segments. But the chart shown below caught my attention.

As you can see in the chart that each Google employee makes $431,891.80 for Google. That's really an incredible amount. That's the reason why Google pays so much attention towards its employees.

Though Microsoft is way ahead of Google in terms of profit, it's no where near to Google as far as profit per each employee is considered.

Picture Courtesy : Techbeef

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