Monday, December 18, 2006

Digg is Hot on Digg - 5 of Top 10 Stories Are About Digg

Someone said "If you want to reach the homepage of Digg, write about Digg". If you have any doubts on this quote check out the image below. Surprised!! 5 of "Top 10" stories are about Digg.

Below are the listed stories that made to top 10(for those who can't see the image properly)

1. Digg Unveils New Features - Kevin's Blog Post Explains with Video (8556 diggs)
2. Kevin Rose... OUTSIDE of Digg!!! (2104 diggs)
3. The Last 3 Years of the Digg Homepage Interface (1574 diggs)
4. Interview with Digg Team >> New Stats-New Features (1318 diggs)
5. Digg Silenty Minimizes Friends Feature (844 diggs)

And guess, if Digg had a section mentioning "Top 15" stories, there would have been 2 more stories about Digg on that list.
6. Awesome New Digg Apparel! (365 diggs)
7. The new Digg actually validates against the W3C (762 diggs)

If you analyze the stories, all are more or less related to new features introduced by Digg and one story explains about Digg's Architect Kevin Rose.

Is Digg really hot or is it just a hype?????

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