Wednesday, December 13, 2006

IBM and Yahoo Team Up to Launch Free Enterprise Search Product

IBM with Yahoo launched a new, free enterprise search product. This product is particularly aimed at mid-sized businesses (or even large enterprises!). This new product named as IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is perhaps the first product from Yahoo(and IBM) which is considered as a serious threat to Google.

IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition has been designed to be simple to install and use, and can index up to 500,000 documents from more than 200 file types, like Adobe Systems’ PDF and Microsoft’s Word and Excel. This search application is available for Linux or Windows servers. Also this application can be customized and tuned to enterprise needs and supports more than 30 languages.

The look and feel of search results will be much similar Yahoo's search results but without any ads. But the search results contain links to Yahoo thus bolstering the company's search traffic.

On the other hand Google might be closely watching this new application. Google already has an enterprise application called as "Google Mini" but comes with a cost of $1,995 (including hardware) that indexes upto 50,000 documents and a more sophisticated tool at $8,995, which can index upto 300,000 documents.

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