Saturday, December 09, 2006

Google Launches Click to Call Service in India

Google has announced its "Click to Call" service in India. This service is a great boon to both advertisers and customers in India. With this service companies can reach large number of customers as people in India started to embrace Internet more and more.

With this service customers can directly call advertisers that too with free of cost. Here is how it works
  • The customer has to click a green telephone button next to an ad.

  • Upon clicking the button, the ad would expand and show a window where the customer has to submit his telephone number. Then he/she has to press the button “Connect For Free.” Eventually, the user would get a direct call from the advertiser.
This is a more secure method as Google will not share our phone number with the advertisers. This service is very effective as people don't have to pay anything from their pockets while reaching their advertisers.

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